My Favorite Ornament.

Disclaimer: I have a wonderful mother-in-law. But this post is going to poke fun at her. I am so sorry, but it must be done.

My mother-in-law, Pam, gives us Christmas ornaments every year. Last year was TWO’s first Christmas, and in true fashion she got us an ornament to commemorate it. Actually, she sent it in the mail with some other things. 

When Husband and I opened it, we could not. stop. laughing.

Here it is.

I packed it away and forgot all about it until yesterday when I unpacked my Christmas boxes. Oh man … I laugh every time I see it. Now I face a dilemma: put our blonde little TWO’s picture in there, or leave the adorable black stranger baby?

It’s by far my favorite ornament. Ho ho ho! We’re black!

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Ornament.

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