Waging War.

These little people, these tornadoes, seem to undo everything I accomplish in a day. I wash dishes and they dirty them. I sweep up crumbs and they reappear. I hang up hand towels and the next thing I know, they have toothpaste on them and are crumpled on the counter.

I put on shoes and socks, and they are immediately pulled off as soon as we get in the car. I wipe butts and they quickly need to be wiped again. I fix trucks and trains and before I know it someone is calling for me to put them together again.

I feed tummies and two hours later they‘re grumbling. I fill cups and they are emptied. I make beds and they are unmade. I wash hands and they are dirtied. This is part of the madness I was referring to when I named this blog. Doing the same things over and over again and somehow hoping they will be different. Thinking that just this once, the floors will STAY CLEAN.  

Typing all of that out makes me realize how crazy it is to become frustrated with the little people who are just being little. Their little hands drop things. Their little bellies get hungry quickly. Their little minds can’t understand why Mommy is frustrated that they dropped their cup on the floor AGAIN.

Their little world depends on me taking good care of them. That is what makes this madness worth it — because I am caring for little hearts and little minds that will one day be big hearts and minds. Hopefully one day they will remember to pick up after their big selves and thank whoever cooked them their big breakfast before going off to do big things.

Until then I soldier on, and take my reward in moments like these. 

Because even when I feel like I’m falling farther and farther behind, and cannot even fathom the idea of UNLOADING THE DISHWASHER ONE MORE TIME, I know I am still winning the war against hunger, filth, and nakedness in my house. We will tackle the war against hunger, filth, and nakedness in the rest of the world another day.

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