On Third Babies.

Almost 1/3 of the way done!

I haven‘t had a ton of time to dwell on the fact that I’m gestating, mostly because the two children who are constantly in my face are constantly in my face

However, I have noticed a few things. First of all, although I am much busier this time around, I still make time to eat. Like a MAN. I have made a lot of effort to keep junk food out of the house and being a stay-at-home mom restricts my access to fast food, thankfully. But I am just SO HUNGRY. I literally eat a meal and two hours later I’m starving again. It’s gross. 

I’ve been craving oranges, orange juice, turkey bacon, various kinds of sandwiches, chili, LOTS of veggie meat, and chocolate-covered graham crackers. The other day I had orange juice and chili for “second breakfast,” and it was divine. The mere thought of eating a salad or a raw vegetable makes me queasy, which is unfortunate.

I’ve also noticed my skin looks a lot better with this pregnancy than it ever looked with my other two. I am, in fact, glowing. I appreciate that, because the rest of what is happening to me is not attractive in the least. 

The best part about having #3 is the general relaxation about the entire thing. It started when Husband and I decided it was fine if we had a third. Our conversation was short. Literally I think he said “I would be fine with it if we had a third baby.” Immediately followed by, “BUT THAT IS THE LAST ONE.” 

I feel more relaxed in general. I am going to have this baby naturally, just like I had TWO, and it will be fine. This time, I go into the weight gain, the birthing process, the whole thing, knowing we will all make it through to the other side and be even happier and crazier than we are already, because THREE will be in our lives.

And yet … I can’t help but to fear that this will be the baby to really, truly do me in. Mentally, emotionally, physically. Can my body really grow and birth another one?! I hope so, and if something should go awry with any of my parts, that is what modern medicine is for.

Yesterday, a mom at ONE’s preschool asked me how I was feeling. She went on to encourage me about how when she was pregnant with her third child she thought she would die from exhaustion, but three is a really good number. She said, “You can DO IT! It’s going to be GREAT once you aren’t pregnant anymore!” That was encouraging. 

Then … she told me about her urinary incontinence, which started after her third child was born. “You’ll never be able to make it to the bathroom again,” she said, before walking out the door. 

Later, I had an out-of-body experience where I overheard myself telling Husband how I simply refuse to be incontinent, and he just looked amused. But really, I do refuse. It’s simply mind over matter, and clearly I cannot allow myself to be incontinent if I am going to realize my dream of being a super hot mother of three who toodles around town in a very large, badly driven, gas-guzzler.


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