Never Again.

Today I made a grave miscalculation and overestimated my abilities as a mother and as a person. 

I thought I could handle taking both kids to see Santa, by myself. “Oh yeah! I can totally handle it. I’ll just run them over there at 3 p.m. when Santa arrives, we’ll take a picture, and be home in time for dinner!”

Um, no.

If you are reading this, DO NOT DO WHAT I DID. It was horrible, we did not meet Santa Claus, my children were sad and cranky and I felt a little bit like a frantic frazzled failure of a mother. I was totally unprepared for the throngs of people, and I do mean masses, that apparently had the same idea I had. So our afternoon that started out like this …

My sweet little elves!

Ended up like this.

Pissed off.

Pissed off.

Extremely pissed off.

Thankfully, I have access to modern technology and while we were stuck in absolutely the Worst Traffic Ever I was able to order a pizza and pick it up on our way home. And since I have little boys who love to eat, their crankiness was quickly resolved.


 Admittedly, I hit a mothering low today during an epidose where a crazy nutjob zoomed around our car, cut us off and then had the audacity to flip me the bird. And I immediately without thinking flipped HER off and yelled “EFF YOU!!!” before snapping out of it and remembering there were children in my car and then I got very quiet for a really long time.

I blame it on the pregnancy hormones. And the stress. There was a screaming kid in the car. We were in gridlock. WE DIDN’T GET TO SEE SANTA. So I forgave myself, and now I’m just kind of hoping that everyone can forget and never, ever do “what Mommy did that one time in the Worst Traffic Ever.”

One thought on “Never Again.

  1. We always take the kids to see Santa the day after Thanksgiving. I know it sounds absolutely insane, but there is NEVER a line to see Santa (I don't do lines with 3 kids). Plus, if you take them to the Bass Pro Shop, it's free! A little late now, but keep it in mind for next year.


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