Under Construction.

I am so fascinated by the differences between boys and girls. My friends with little girls do things with them like bake and make crafts (what?!) and even color, because the little girls don’t break all of the crayons into a million pieces and then try to eat them.

Conversely, my boys like to eat garbage, take things apart to see how they work, wrestle, and dig in the dirt. Earlier today I walked outside and found the scene above. ONE used some branches to make a “construction site,” and even made a very small pile of tiny limbs on the far left. 

It made me smile. A lot of the time I feel like I’m herding cats channeling Hulk Hogan, but my little boys are just so darn charming

Love them.

One thought on “Under Construction.

  1. … if its any consolation, both of my girls play with hotwheels cars, break their crayons into millions of pieces and eat them, and also eat dirt. I am not kidding. Sometimes, they aren't so different lol


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