Christmas Eve.

Today is Christmas Eve. ONE and Husband are out running super secretive errands. A few minutes ago I got a text from Husband — ONE just asked him the following question: “When you and Mommy made me, which part did you put on first?”

This year I am so thankful for everything we have been blessed with. Last Christmas, I turned my notice in to my employer and Husband and I were terrified of what 2012 would bring. I remember going shopping exactly one year ago and talking about how “next year, we might not even be able to afford presents.” And yet here we are, and the kids will want for NOTHING.

I might not be able to buy Husband fancy gadgetry this year, and I certainly don’t expect any jewelry from him … we decided to just do stockings for each other with small inexpensive things inside … but you know, I don’t miss it really. One day we might be able to afford the big stuff again, and that will be nice. But if not, I won’t be any less happy. 

This year has been the toughest and RICHEST year of my life.

Take one.
Take two.

Take three. That’s our sweet Mama Tezzie on the right.

 I waffle between being excited about 2013 and feeling terrified to think about what it will bring. The world is uncertain. Life is uncertain. A year from now I’ll have three childrenOMG?!?!?! But because we keep moving forward, and we continue to be provided for, I know in my heart that I will not lose my sanity and none of us will go hungry.

Today I thank God for everything I have been given, especially these two little boys who force me to grow every day.


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