Take Over.

Action figures and race cars are slowly taking over my house. They’re like ants. I find them everywhere, and just when I think we’ve got them all … I find more.

I did a purge before Christmas and a purge afterward too, but my kids have generous people in their lives and honestly they play with almost everything they have. Every time I see a box FULL OF TOYS I think about how there are lots of kids with no toys at all and we need to give more stuff away … so we do … and then the ant-like thing happens where I come home and we seem to have just as much stuff as we had before.

Today we brought a new friend home from Grandma’s house. Meet “Big Bro,” the biggest stuffed bear I’ve ever seen in my life. ONE is very attached to him, he hauls him all over the house and conversates with him as if he’s an actual person. Which is kind of understandable since he’s as large as an actual person.

ONE: Here’s the living room, Big Bro. Do you want to lay down?

Big Bro: Yes, thank you. Can I lay like your daddy?

ONE: Sure, Big Bro. Here, you have to put your hand behind your head like this … and prop your feet up like this …

Since Big Bro got here, it’s a lot like having Husband home. All ONE wants to do is hang out with him, and I find situations like this:

Apparently Big Bro is quite a napper.

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