Flu Shot.

I need a flu shot.

I kind of thought I should get one, and then my friend Kate (who is a doctor) spelled out for me how vital it is that everyone, ESPECIALLY pregnant women, get vaccinated this year and basically scared the crap out of me … so I did what made sense.

I called my gynecologist.

They said they set aside a few vaccines for their OB patients but they are quickly running out and asked me to come in this afternoon. Even though I’ll have both kids with me and I am scheduled to be in their office tomorrow morning at 10:00 for The Big Ultrasound, I said I’d be there and hung up. Because you know what would suck more than dragging two small children with me in the rain to wait for who knows how long to get a flu shot??

Actually getting the flu. That would be much, much worse than whatever awaits me this afternoon.

When I told ONE that I have to go to the doctor’s office to get a shot today and he and his brother would be coming with me and I expected them both to use their manners, yada yada yada, we had the following conversation:

ONE: A shot? You have to get a shot?!

Me: That’s right. A flu shot.

ONE: Will it hurt?

Me: Nah.

ONE: Are you going to cry like a little girl?!  

Me: Um … no.

ONE: Yes you are. You’re going to cry like a little girl!!!

At this point, I walked away. For the record, I don’t cry much. I am certain my son has never, EVER seen me “cry like a little girl.” Where did he learn that phrase?!

Oh … wait. I know who he learned it from.


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