Third Time’s The Charm.

Meet THREE. My daughter.


The ultrasound tech wasn’t able to get a clear picture of the baby, because she was super wiggly and appeared to be trying to shimmy up the walls of my uterus to escape the ultrasound waves. Despite the appearance of this not-very-good photo, she is perfectly developed with all of her limbs proportioned and her major organs fully in tact.

Husband and I were marveling at our newest child when she exclaimed “GIRL!” And I immediately burst into tears. When I looked over at Husband — he’s not going to like this very much, but this is what happens when you’re married to a woman who blogs for her sanity — he was teary-eyed too. 

This just means so much to both of us, having a girl. This is just what our little family needed to round it out and bring some balance in … at least until the raging hormones hit and she and I have synchronized menstrual cycles and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE … but we have awhile before we have to worry about that.

I had resigned myself to mothering only boys, although I had secretly hoped that this one was a girl. As we said good bye in the waiting room so he could head off to work after the ultrasound was over, I wrapped my arms around him and said, “Thank you for my daughter.”

People tell me there is something about having a girl that is so special. I imagine it must be the same as explaining to someone the unique experience of raising little boys, because they are special in their own way as well. And as excited and thrilled and absolutely beside myself as I am about having a little girl, nothing could ever replace or usurp the love I have for my sweet boys. Hopefully they will toughen her and tease her and keep her humble, otherwise the intense spoiling that is going to hit her from all sides of the family will make her, I’d imagine, quite a bratty princess. And clearly, we cannot have that.

ONE and TWO have broken me in like a work horse. They have paved the way for their little sister, both in the physical and mental sense. Having a little girl in the house will be good for everyone. Especially me, because I desperately want to be twinsies with my daughter and get matching hot pink cowboy boots Husband, who still has a lot to learn about the female mind.

6 thoughts on “Third Time’s The Charm.

  1. AHHHH! So exciting!!!!!! I just found your blog like…two days ago (and love it!!!) but when I read that you were finding out the sex on this day I checked like every hour to see if you had updated (I was hoping for it to be a girl, too). Congratulations!


  2. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, a boy, I was told 'oh, boys are easy.' So far, having 1 of each, I believe it. Hopefully, you'll be blessed with a daughter whose personality balances out any craziness from your boys.


  3. YAY! I also am having a girl (and couldn't get a good u/s pic), due 6/10. I only have one boy, but totally understand every single word of this post. It may be true that girls are a little harder, but I think after a son who is very much a boy (to put it nicely), the bows and dresses will be a nice way to disguise the drama that will happen later. I'll deal with that then and just enjoy all the pink cuteness for now! Congratulations!


  4. Congratulations. I have the opposite, two girls and then a boy! Boy oh boy (literally) he has shaken up our little life of domestic bliss in his short three years. Wouldn't change a thing! You will be blessed with a little girl who teaches you many new things about being a parent and being a woman. Enjoy all the gifts she will bring !!!


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