Husband turned 31 on Sunday and I have guilt because I was exhausted from a busy week and we didn’t have enough money to buy him a real present. But I did bake him a cake, and he got cards from all of us. 

ONE helped with the decorations. Obviously.

Last year I gave him an outdoor wireless speaker from Brookstone. This year I gave him love and a whole lot of children.

I don’t feel like I give the man enough credit, so that is why I’m writing this post. He got kind of shafted for his birthday, and the very next day I asked him to stop at the grocery store on his way home. 

Then I sent him the list.

I wanted to include the tube of mascara in the picture so he could see what kind to look for, and I gave specific instructions not to get the waterproof kind. He never uttered a word of complaint for having to hunt for mascara in the makeup aisle, and he brought home exactly what I asked for.

That’s a real man. He deserves a high-five the next time you see him.

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