March 2, 2013.

Dear ONE,

When you were four-and-a-half years old, you informed me that you intend to marry Katherine, the little girl in your class who wears Batman t-shirts and tutus and has a cubby next to yours. Also, you stated that you are ready to attend college

You’re in a really big hurry to learn everything there is to know. You want to learn how to read, like now. I know once you start reading and writing, you‘re going to be unstoppable and that kind of freaks me out. I see in you a persistence and a drive that will become something great, and I don’t know where your big ideas might take you. I know your dreams will not always make sense to me, but there will come a point where I’m supposed to step aside and just let you do your thing.

I hope I can do that.

I hope you pick a nice girl.

I hope you are very old before you read this blog … old enough to understand the concept of creative outlets. 

Somehow I bet you’ll understand creative outlets before I’m ready for you to.



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