25 Weeks.

Last night Husband reached over and tried to brush something off my leg. I looked down as he swept his hand over my thigh again, seemingly trying to get rid of what he thought was a ball of purple fuzz. When I realized what was happening I said, “No … no. That’s a patch of spider veins. They aren’t going away without the help of a laser.” 

Then he jerked his hand away like the purple fuzz had fangs and might bite him.

Third pregnancy, almost third trimester update: I am doing well, except for things like this. Yes. This is my 33-year-old leg. I am quite aware that it’s disgusting and frightening and will need to be addressed eventually.

Sometimes I allow myself to take a good hard look at certain things that are happening and it’s so disturbing that I have to show someone. Husband gets very grossed out and refuses to look at anything even if I remind him that it will go away after the baby, or can be zapped away by a professional. He prefers to live in la-la land where nothing is out of the ordinary except his wife is getting fatter and fatter and her legs are always covered in purple fuzz. 

If I try to tell him about anything related to my vagina he immediately starts talking loudly over me and says I DON’T NEED TO KNOW THAT over and over until he sees my lips stop moving. Well … maybe he doesn‘t need to know it, but I have to live with every freaky thing that is happening and it would be nice to share the fright with someone. We both know that when he goes in to get his vasectomy I’m going to have to hold his hand through the process, and look at the stitches afterwards, and hear every detail of his painso the least he can do is look at my bulging veins.

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