ONE and TWO are officially sharing a room. It’s bittersweet and very cute. My “baby” is no longer a baby … no more changing table, no more crib. It’s full-on, big boy mode now. 

Here is an iPhone camera journey of the past few days:

Right after I took this picture of ONE next to the huge dresser, he pulled all of the drawers out and it tipped forward to fall on him before I pulled a ninja move and pushed it back upright with my body weight. 

That was stressful.

That’s an understatement.

ONE’s bed is on the left, TWO’s is on the right.

Unsure what to do with the diapers for TWO, I just arranged them nicely and called it a day.

Most of their toys are stored in their closet. I donated a lot of the junky ones … SHHHHHH.

For now, TWO is still sleeping in the Pack N’ Play. Last night he got out of the “pink bag” he’s been zippered into lately and refused to put it back on. He seems interested in his big bed, but I’m not sure he is ready to sleep in it without freaking out. We‘ll see

In the meantime, I have shut the door to Pepper’s room and I never want to look at it again. 


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