Dr. Hobbs.

Maverick (otherwise known as “ONE”) has been full of interesting thoughts this week.


ONE: “You know, Mommy … penises are a lot like volcanoes. Except pee comes out of them instead of hot lava.”

Me: “Excellent analogy.”


The next day …


ONE: “You know, Mommy … lips and mouths are a lot like bathtub plugs. They hold the water in our mouths. They also hold bad words in.”

Me:  “They sure do.”

ONE: “I know that because I’m four years old and I have a lot of thoughts in my face.” 

In December 2011, right after he received his first “doctor’s kit.”

My mother predicts that ONE will become a doctor one day because of his extreme interest in the human body. I neither encourage or discourage his fascination. I try to remain matter-of-fact in my reactions and my answers to the never-ending stream of questions

The thing is …  pretty much every day he mashes on my boobs and demands to know if I have milk in them yet. That’s a little much. No, a lot much. So, I decided that while I cannot control what he might think of or ask me, I can help him improve his bedside manner.


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