Here is the man who gives me so much writing material

The picture above was taken last weekend at my high school reunion. I found out later that he was *told by his boss he couldn’t go, and if he did, he‘d have to find a new job. Husband said, “It would be a lot easier for me to find a new job than to find a new wife.” 

So wise.

I love this man. I’m having trouble being nice to him lately because I’m a hormonal mess. But … I LOVE HIM. One day I’ll be back to normal and that will be a welcome change. Right now I would love to snatch the weave out of someone’s head, just for sport. I feel rage-y. 

*For the record, his boss was joking. Husband still has a job. But I appreciate what he did for me, and I’ll pay him back for it one day.


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