Husband and I were alone in our house for 48 hours this weekend while he recovered from his vasectomy, and it was amazing. We watched movies. We ordered takeout. I didn’t cook. I didn’t clean. All we did was lounge and move awkwardly around the house … we made quite a pair with our matching waddles.

It was nice. So, so nice. We’re already plotting our next escape.

But then … the children came back, Husband is still in pain 4 days later, and Asher fell out of the shopping cart in Hobby Lobby (yes, he was strapped in, and I have no idea how it even happened), and we learned that Maverick will have to get weekly allergy shots for 25 consecutive weeks which is something I can’t think about right now so I gave myself permission to put it out of my head until the end of the summer.

But you know what our specialty is? Making the best of it. 

That’s what we’re doing. Husband is hobbling around and kind of green with pain, but he is at home with us — a rarity. So we are enjoying him while he’s here. I sure hope he’s recovered from V-day before D-day arrives.

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