The Stronger Sex?

It’s taking Husband twice as long to recover from his vasectomy as it took for me to be up and functioning after pushing a baby out of my vagina on two different occasions. I hope I’m not putting voodoo on myself by making this comparison, but we are now on day 5 and he is still in pretty significant pain. I feel really bad for him, but I am also perplexed.

It leads me to wonder, is his tolerance for pain lower than mine? Did his urologist botch his procedure somehow? Am I married to a wimp, or is he truly in pain? I wish there was a way to compare what he currently going through to the monthly misery of menstrual cramps. I would be interested to know if my tolerance level has been built up simply because I’m female. I would also be interested to know what kind of damage has been done to my liver after years and years of popping painkillers for several days out of the month.

Most women are able to soldier on with life, compartmentalizing their pain or discomfort most of the time. I am grateful for this ability, but I kind of feel like it would be better for everyone if men could have just a taste of what we deal with on a regular basis. Then, they might understand why it’s hard for the women in their lives to baby them when they are sick. I’m not much of a baby-er anyway … I think I have a hard heart.

But you know … I do have a low tolerance for certain kinds of pain or discomfort. I’m planning to have a natural, unmedicated birth again — but I don’t intend to breastfeed. When Husband learned this, he said, “Wait, you aren’t even going to TRY?” Um, NO. And if you were the one having to do these things, HUSBAND, you wouldn’t want to either.

I hesitate to call men “babies,” because they are supposed to be the stronger sex. And they are, in some ways — but not in all. I just try to remind myself that there are a lot of things I can’t handle. Like breastfeeding and putting meat down the garbage disposal. So while I do pat myself on the back for being one strong ass woman, I simultaneously thank my Husband for being willing to back our van out of the driveway for me so I won’t hit the neighbor’s fence … again.

My nemesis.

One thought on “The Stronger Sex?

  1. Maybe this is a little like the breastfeeding in that it's all about the kind of pain and where it's located? I hope that's all anyway, and there's no infection 😦


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