I am finally (really, truly, for real) finished with the nursery!

The chevron rug from Urban Outfitters arrived yesterday, adding the final touch to Pepper’s eclectic room. Will she be an eclectic kind of girl?? We have no idea. Maybe she will grow up and beg for an LSU-themed room, and Husband’s dreams will finally come true. 

So much is happening this week in addition to the arrival of our youngest that I feel pretty overwhelmed, but I am trying to just give myself over to it and ride the ride. Tonight some very sweet girls are throwing me a baby shower, and I really can’t wait to sit around and eat cake and not be bothered by anyone or anything.

I have also decided that the best way to view my upcoming induction is to think of it as a tiny vacation away from my life, hanging out in bed with Husband sitting nearby, and no children running around. Yes, I will be hooked up to numerous machines and have people probing and poking me … but that’s not a far cry from my everyday life. The probing and poking part, I mean. At least the people poking me will be adults and can be reasoned with.

2 thoughts on “Finito.

  1. I love that nursery! And the rug… Gonna go order one now. Good luck with tomorrow. 3 is hard at first but WILL get easier.


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