Things That Make Me Happy.

Since I don’t know what kind of chaos will befall my home once #3 arrives tomorrow, I figured I better write one last Things That Make Me Happy post. You know … in case my hormones get all out of whack and I sound very UN-happy for the next few months, and people start e-mailing to see if I’m alright. 

Right now, today, I feel very happy. I’m going to hold onto that feeling and hope that it sticks around.

Flowers from my super-sweet baby shower.

One of the last pictures I’ll ever take like this. Love that Maverick is kissing his sister.
Love their opposite expressions.
This is seriously the cutest cake I’ve ever seen.
I have a whole series of these.

Truthfully, the thing that makes me the most happy is just knowing that tomorrow we will welcome our third and final child into this world and she will be loved, loved, loved.

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