My Maverick.

Yesterday, this boy walked up to me and said “Mommy, I have a staple stuck in my teeth.” 

And he really did. I had to yank pretty hard to get it out. I had so many questions, but I didn’t have time in the moment to ask them. Now I kind of regret not getting to the bottom of that situation, because I’m pretty sure whatever he had to say about it would have been comical.

My first born has been pushed to the side in recent weeks and I feel bad about that. He’s independent enough to take care of himself so most of my attention tends to fall on the little kids. So, today I want to talk about Maverick. He is the reason I started this blog, and one day I will write a book filled with words inspired by him. He is the child who challenges me the most, who has forced me to grow whether I wanted to or not — my feet dragging in the dirt as he catapulted me from my comfort zone over and over and over again.

Maverick: Mommy, you said when I grow up I can be anything I want to be, right?

Me: That’s right.

Maverick: What if I want to be three things?

Me: Then you totally can.

Maverick: I want to be a fireman, a policeman, and a KING

Me: Excellent.

Maverick: But what if I am supposed to be at the fire station on the same day that I’m supposed to be at the police station?? Oh, wait, never mind. That’s why I’m KING. 

If anyone could pull off being those three things, it’s my son. Husband and I later helped him figure out that he could be a policeman on Fridays, a fireman on Saturdays, and a king Monday thru Thursday. Scheduling crisis averted.

As infuriating and challenging as he can be, Maverick charms me every day. I see myself in him — the stubborn tenacity, the pluckiness, the love of life. And I see Husband’s cleverness, charisma, and humor, which always wins people over because it’s coupled with that dang persistence.

One day Maverick will be old enough to understand what I mean when I tell him that he truly can do anything he wants to do. Anything. I just have to brace myself for whatever that might be. 

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