I find Husband’s lack of a sense of smell fascinating. 

For three days, I have been battling a pee smell in the boy’s bathroom that I just couldn’t get rid of. It smelled like a disgusting public restroom, and seemed to be getting worse by the day. I wiped down the walls, the toilet, and the floor — and still the smell persisted.

Finally, in exasperation I sent Husband on a mission to find the smell.

Me: Where’s it coming from?!

Husband: I don’t smell anything.

Me: What?! It STINKS in there. What do you mean you can’t smell anything? 

Husband: All I smell is cleaning stuff.

So I marched back in, determined to locate the source, and … I found it. 

A trash can full of days-old pee.

I couldn’t decide whether to be totally grossed out or angry at the culprit or AMAZED that Husband couldn’t smell that smell. I finally settled on all three. But I’ve decided to forgive him for his lack of olfaction, and this is why:

I know. So cute.

Here’s the culprit who peed in the trash can. But I’ve decided to forgive him as well, simply based on cuteness.

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