My (Psuedo) Problem.

I got problems, although I feel like other people have real problems. Real problems are things like abuse, unemployment, drug addiction, prison time, and genital herpes. My psuedo-problem is that my two-year-old wanders in the night.

Back in April, we made the transition and put the boys in a room together. For a long time, Asher continued to sleep in a Pack N’ Play because he just wasn’t embracing the big bed. Then Pepper was born and — forgive me, but I really have no recollection of what happened when because it’s one big blur — at some point Asher started climbing out of his Pack N’ Play. So we decided it was time to put him in the big bed.

He’s done great with it. For naps he normally sleeps in his bed the whole time and no longer tries to get out of his room, but I still lock him in there (the doorknob is turned around backwards) until he falls asleep and then I unlock the door. Night time is a problem, though, because he shares a room with his 5-year-old brother. Maverick needs to be able to get out if he needs water or has to use the bathroom. 

What we have been doing is putting Asher to bed, letting him have about 30-45 minutes to wind down or fall asleep before Maverick goes to bed, and then leaving their door unlocked for the night. The problem is that Asher has started wandering around the house really late at night. It really breaks my heart because while he has been acting strangely since the baby was born, it really ramped up after his latest E.R. visit. Sometimes we’ll find him sleeping in the hallway, in odd places in their bedroom, or in the middle of the living room floor.

Last night I woke up at 3:30 and saw that our bedroom door was standing open, so I jumped up and went into the hall. When I realized the boy’s bedroom door was open, I went in and saw that Asher was missing from his room. I spent the next few NERVE-WRACKING minutes trying to figure out where he was before finding him face down on the floor next to the couch. I put him back in bed, returned to my bed, and willed my heart to stop pounding.

How can we get him to stay put?! Baby gates are a joke. We do have one that is screwed into the wall to keep him out of the kitchen, which he figured out how to open about two weeks after we installed it. Now we have to tie it shut with a belt looped in complicated ways so he can’t undo it. His current project seems to be figuring out how to remove the childproof knobs on the exterior doors so he can escape down the street.

As it stands now, we clear the living area of anything hazardous before we go to bed, turn off the lights, and hope for the best. I can’t help but to think there is a better solution, because I am losing my mind with worry over this kid.



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One thought on “My (Psuedo) Problem.

  1. My first thought would be to try some kind of reward system for when he does stays in the bed. Not a sticker chart or anything…Something really awesome that he would REALLY want. Then I would get a monitor in their room so I could hear when he gets up (if you don't already). If that wouldn't work, I wonder if they make some kind of wireless chimer (to alert when door is opened) for inside doors. I know they make them for outside doors. Problem with that is it may wake up other kids too, and it would have to be able to be turned off during the day. Just some ideas. I know how us moms obsess over these things!
    Good luck! We luckily didn't have a problem with this with our son. We threatened that he better not get out of bed (we had just moved into a house with 2 flights of stairs when he started sleeping in big boy bed at 2), and he miraclously never did. Now we can't get him to get up to go potty! LOL Its a struggle either way!


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