Moms Night Out.

I got an email invite today for “Moms Night Out: Sewing 101.”


It is my opinion that “Moms Night Out” should not involve sewing, crafting, or even cooking.  It should involve drinking and having to do nothing but sit while food is brought to you, if food is involved at all. I have a lot of mom friends who would disagree with me, and that is fine — they need to go ahead and RSVP to Sewing 101. In fact, let me know who you are and I will forward the email to you.

My friend Anna says she sews and drinks simultaneously sometimes and it works out pretty well, but I’m fairly certain that if I tried to do that I would wind up with something sewn to me. My friend Amy said there is resurgence of interest in learning basic homemaking skills amongst the hipsters and feminists, and asked if this was possibly “cool crafting?” Because if so, I should go. I said no. This is not a hipster or a feminist thing, because if it was I wouldn’t know about it because they wouldn’t have invited me.

I am not a feminist, I am not a hipster, and I’m not the kind of mom who gets excited about crafting. I’m not TRASHY, but I guess I’m the kind of mom who would consider an awesome night out to include a lot of: 

1. not worrying about my children,
2. not threading a needle, and
3. possibly a taxi.

Husband thinks I need to start my own mommy group. Maybe he’s on to something. I seem to be having trouble finding other moms like myself out there. I don’t have any tattoos, I pray, and I am very well-behaved, but if I’m going to have a night out, I want a night OUT.

Needless to say, my reply was “not attending.” 

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