Baby Teeth.

My days seem to last for an eternity, each one. And yet, somehow we got from this …

 To this. And it was kind of super fast.

I’m not one of those moms who say things like my baby’s growing up too fast. Because they aren’t. They’re growing just right, and I with them. But sometimes, like today, there is a part of me that wishes I could have soaked up Baby Maverick just a little bit more.

Firstborns get pushed out of babyhood sometimes, don’t they? Because we don’t know how much to expect of them. We want them to excel, and as a general rule, they do. And now I know better, so I am cherishing the baby-ness of my subsequent children just a little bit more … because before I know what’s happening they will be losing the teeth that they have both been trying so hard to cut this week.

2 thoughts on “Baby Teeth.

  1. My daughter told me she had a loose tooth about 2 weeks ago. Since she just turned 5, I thought she was kidding.. or lying? Turns out she has TWO loose teeth. I know she's a little beyond her years, but this one caught me off guard. Wasn't ready for this yet..


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