I hope my quirky kids continue to be quirky and grow into interesting, quirky adults. One of my biggest fears is that at some point, like in middle school which is seriously the worst, peer pressure will cause them to become ashamed of the things that make them special. I am terrified of the day that something or someone ruins their magic.  

I love their untarnished personalities. That is why I try not to shush Maverick when he randomly and loudly breaks into song, and why I let Asher hoard things in his bed. Everyone who spends a decent amount of time with us just kind of ignores it now, like why shouldn’t we be singing Rhianna’s“Shine Bright Like A Diamond” for no good reason?!

Maverick will be doing a stand up comic routine at the school talent show next month. A stand up routine. It was all his idea. 

He’s 5. 

We made a few suggestions — like, “Why don’t you SING? We can find you a fun song!” But none of our conventional ideas excited him. He said, “I just really want to make people laugh.” So we said, “We’ll help you.” 

I hope I can remember this when one of them does something too weird and radical one day when they are figuring out who they are. I guess that is probably when I will start saying how much I miss the days when they were little and Asher was obsessed with pirates and kitty cats.  

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