The Park.

Today I took my kids to a park.

I was the only one there who was outnumbered 3:1. Most of the other people were there with friends or spouses except for one poor lady who was by herself with twins. But even then, she was only outnumbered 2:1 and neither of them were walking yet, so I couldn’t feel too bad for her.

 I drew arrows on this picture to point out my children, just in case you needed a visual.

There we are. 

You’d think I’d just stay home, but we have a mudhole that the boys dug that will just not dry up, and two other mudholes caused by me because I continue to do a terrible job of backing out of my driveway. I am just TIRED of mud, so we left.

I also like to tell myself that all the trips I take on a regular basis to random locations with all of my children in tow is character-building for everyone. For me, for them, for the people behind us in line and the man who keeps having to stop and wait for my kid to get out of his way. So, you’re welcome, everyone. 

Now mommy needs to drink her special juice.

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