Mardi Gras: Parenthood Version

Even though we’ve been back “home” in Baton Rouge for two years, we still haven’t completely adjusted back to the Louisiana way of life that we missed so much. Mardi Gras snuck up on me again this year, and I am still not used to how big of a deal it is. Schools and business literally shut down so that people can galavant. It’s pretty awesome.

We didn’t make it to any parades and likely won’t for several more years, but we did get invited to a Mardi Gras party. It was spectacular for several reasons:

1. The kids ran free while I spaced out

2. There was wine

3. It wore Asher out such that he went to bed at 6 p.m. last night and slept until …. wait for it … 7:00 THIS MORNING.

It has literally been months since that has happened. If I could bring that kid to a Mardi Gras party every single afternoon from 12-3 I totally would, if it meant I would get eight hours of sleep that night.

I could leave you with this, but then it would just be another mommy-type post with cute kids and an everything is awesome! vibe. But that’s not real. Here’s what’s real: last night after the kids were in bed, Husband and I sat exhausted on the couch and stared into space. It was 8:30 p.m. and the idea of washing my face seemed an insurmountable task.

I admitted out loud that I really miss the days when we could socialize together at parties as a team. We’re great in social settings. Well, we used to be, anyway. These days, we spend our time split up watching the kids when we go places as a family, and we’re boring because we’re too tired to think of witty things to say. THE HOBBS ARE NOW A TOTAL SNOOZE FEST. 

It’s hard, the adjustment. Even this far into parenthood, I still miss things about our old life. I know that it will eventually be that way again. Maybe. We just have to get to the other side, and make the most of where we are right now, otherwise known as Boringville. But like my OB used to say … boring is good — at least as far as reproductive systems go.


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