Til Death Do Us Part.

My friend Kate sent me this oldie but goodie from New Year’s Eve, circa 2002-going-into-2003. 

Holy eyeliner.

First of all, Lila (on the left) is going to kill me.

Second of all and possibly more importantly, I realized three days after I received the picture that I am still wearing this blue jean jacket, which I bought it at Gap for $69 in 2002. Here it is, in fact.

That’s 12 solid years of wear … is it time to give it up? As I take note of the ginormous hole in the shoulder I am nodding a silent, sad yes. I have a backup nicer one that doesn’t have holes in it — but am I in a rut?! I have always prided myself on not falling into fashion ruts but CLEARLY I AM IN ONE because I’ve been wearing the same jacket for 12 years. 

In fact, this has opened my eyes to the fact that I need an entire wardrobe overhaul. I’m still clinging to my 20’s. Time seems to have stopped when I started having kids at 28. Let’s be honest. Real talk here. These boobs will never fit into some of that stuff again. I need to let it go, but I can’t let this jacket go. It’s too soft. 

I’ll just put it with the other things I can’t part with, like my hooker heels. You never know.

One thought on “Til Death Do Us Part.

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