We’re Moving. Again.

We’re moving. In three weeks.

Remember this?

I swear … it feels like we just did this.

We had made the decision to stay where we are for another year, wait and see what our finances looked like before transplanting our family of 5 to another location, yada yada yada. I admit that I was kind of dreading another summer in our current rental, mostly because the windows and doors aren’t sealed well and living here is a lot like camping. But this house has been just what we needed; the perfect segway house to get us from Birmingham to where we will be soon.

So where will we be? In a larger place, where we will have room to breathe. The neighborhood is only a few minutes from where we are now, and it offers a “Blue Ribbon” elementary school, an amazing preschool, a park, and a tennis club. 

All of this has happened so fast and was so unexpected that we are still kind of in shock. I have no idea when I will start packing. I just want to hide in the very tiny closet that I share with my husband and wait for everything to pack itself. But knowing that soon I’ll have my OWN closet gives me the strength to rally.

So … how bad is it, really, to move to another house on very short notice, with three children, one of whom is potty training, and another one of whom is creeping around the house eating wads of belly button lint?   

Don’t tell me. This is one of the rare situations where I’d just rather not know what I’m getting myself into.

On the plus side, I found all those dirty shoes that disappeared yesterday while Husband was home with the boys.

Thanks, Asher!

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