Til Death Do Us Part.

My friend Kate sent me this oldie but goodie from New Year’s Eve, circa 2002-going-into-2003. 

Holy eyeliner.

First of all, Lila (on the left) is going to kill me.

Second of all and possibly more importantly, I realized three days after I received the picture that I am still wearing this blue jean jacket, which I bought it at Gap for $69 in 2002. Here it is, in fact.

That’s 12 solid years of wear … is it time to give it up? As I take note of the ginormous hole in the shoulder I am nodding a silent, sad yes. I have a backup nicer one that doesn’t have holes in it — but am I in a rut?! I have always prided myself on not falling into fashion ruts but CLEARLY I AM IN ONE because I’ve been wearing the same jacket for 12 years. 

In fact, this has opened my eyes to the fact that I need an entire wardrobe overhaul. I’m still clinging to my 20’s. Time seems to have stopped when I started having kids at 28. Let’s be honest. Real talk here. These boobs will never fit into some of that stuff again. I need to let it go, but I can’t let this jacket go. It’s too soft. 

I’ll just put it with the other things I can’t part with, like my hooker heels. You never know.

Recent Discoveries.

Two things today changed my life: liquid eyeliner and CC’s Community Coffee House‘s Bananas Foster Latte. SO GOOD.

I didn’t think caramelized bananas and coffee went together. I was so wrong. Kind of like I thought it would be fine to wear regular eyeliner for the rest of my life. Wrong again.

Holiday Shopping.

I realize no one comes to this blog to discuss Black Friday deals or holiday shopping, but … are you concerned about your gift list this year? I know I am, and I just want to remind myself and the rest of the world that there is always the AWESOME gift option of the Origami Owl necklaces. I originally posted about them here.

My mother-in-law has one, as well as my friend Lesley, and they both love them. You have until December 9th to place your order with Carrie in order to have the item by Christmas Day. As an added bonus, she will throw in a free ball station chain ($8 value) if you email her at: owl.carrie@gmail.com with your order by November 30. 

Husband, if you are reading this, I know you are buying me a plane ticket to Chicago for Christmas … but if you want to throw a necklace my way, I‘d like the rose gold large living locket with crystals on it … and there is a new fleur-de-lis charm I like … I could go on and on, but I’ll stop now.


Today I finally did a normal girl activity and went antiquing with my sweet friend Jamiewho helped me maneuver myself and my stroller through skinny aisles of haphazardly-and-sometimes-frighteningly-piled items that smelled of must.

Here’s what I found! A metal fleur-de-lis. At $29, it was a bargain. Not to mention … it makes me exceedingly happy. Can’t put a price tag on that.

TWO did so well, I think he was made for shopping. We’ll be doing this again.

Origami Owl.

You guys.

I’ve made a discovery. 

You know how obsessively excited I was when I got my cowboy boots? And my fedora? Well, this is kind of like that. So brace yourselves.

I have a friend named Carrie. She told me about a company she’s working for, Origami Owland how cool the jewelry is. They have these things called “living lockets” and I was intrigued … mostly because I had never heard of such, and I’m all for wearing something interesting. I’ve never been much of a locket-wearer, but I was open to the idea. 

Anyway, I selected some charms to put inside the locket (a cross, a typewriter, a coffee cup, the word “love,” and a hummingbird) and Carrie shipped it to me and OMG. I LOVE IT. I can’t say that about everything. I wear this necklace all the time, and I get compliments on it. 

Here is a cell phone pictorial journey of my Origami Owl experience …

Hello, lover.

Love the cute owl!

It’s like he’s saying “Hello, I have something for you!”

The locket was encased in some sort of fortune cookie-looking pouch! Love!

Here’s my locket! Hello. I’m going to wear you.

Carrie’s business card!
I’ve been experimenting with pairing my locket with different outfits, and my favorite way to wear it is with something super fancy or workout clothes. Here’s some shots of me sporting my newest favorite accessory …

Going out on the town with Husband (cowboy boots not pictured) …

Heading out to grocery shop …

And my favorite … workout clothes.

Wow, look at the state of my closet. It’s a major cluster, but that’s a whole other post.

Anyway, you can choose from a variety of lockets and charms and she can “build” it for you. It’s affordable – lockets start at $20 and charms start at $5. There is a lot more I could say, but I’ll boil it down to this: they make amazing gifts for yourself (yes, please) or others. I am actually about to order one for a dear friend of mine who just had a baby girl.

Carrie wanted me to tell you that she’s running a promotion for readers of this blog. She will give a free charm to anyone who does the following:

1. Places an order at carrie.origamiowl.com
2. “Likes” her facebook page (Facebook.com/origamiowlbycarrie)
3. Sends her a facebook message with the code MMM and the order number.

Easy as pie!

Distraction Time!

No baby yet. In the name of distraction, I thought I would share some things I’ve purchased recently that make me happy.

I bought this canvas at HomeGoods for $70. I know … that’s kind of a lot of money. At least compared to what I normally spend for house stuff. It wasn’t on sale, and that bothered me.

Anyway, I planned to put it in TWO’s room, but it was a little much. Once I put it at the top of our stairs, I knew I had to keep it. 

This mirror came from Hobby Lobby, and it WAS on sale. I got it for $50, which was half off. I just love it. It makes me happy. 

What else would make me happy:

1. For this baby to come OUT.
2.  World peace.