Where The Hell Is My Maidservant?!

Excuse me, I do NOT hold my own beverages … 

Where the hell is my maidservant?!

I’m here. The maidservant is here. I’ve not yet recovered from the harrowing experience of moving with small children … but I’m here, I once again have the internet, and currently no one is screaming.

We live in a much larger house now, which isn’t saying a lot because we used to live in a shoebox. But this house is bigger and quirky with a lot of odd spaces where my children can hide and I truly can’t find them. I have lost one or two of them in here several times already. I consider this a blessing, I don’t question it, and I don’t spend a ton of time looking for them honestly. Their desire to hide quietly from me is a precious gift. So thank you. I’ll take it.

I’m too busy holding Pepper’s drinks to do much else, anyway.

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