The Nosefrieda.

Asher is sick with what appears to be a sinus infection. 

After several very long days spent with him clinging to my leg while the baby screamed at us in anger because she can’t figure out how to crawl and she is pissed off about it, I decided it that today was the day to try out the Nosefrieda. I reached this decision out of desperation and an inability to think clearly.

I’d never heard of the Nosefrieda until I had my third child and my friend Lila mailed it to me. The whole idea of sucking snot out of my child’s nose with a tube that attaches to my mouth makes me shudder. Some people swear by it though, so I thought — what the hell. I’ve done worse, right?

So, I attempted to suck snot out of my son’s nose with a tube THAT ATTACHED TO MY MOUTH, and it was every bit as terrible as I imagined it would be. Every. Bit. I won’t be doing that again ever. He is still snotty and I can never un-see or un-hear what happened today, so I consider this a Very Big Fail.

Did I do it wrong? Has anyone else used this thing more than once? 

2 thoughts on “The Nosefrieda.

  1. I highly recommend the Graco battery operated nasal aspirator. It's still a little gross because you have to clean the snot out but atleast you're not cleaning it out of your mouth. You also may have to hold your child down with all your body weight and force it in their nose but it works wonders!


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