April Fool’s.

At precisely 2:00 this afternoon, I suddenly remembered how I woke up this morning.

I was in a deep sleep when something cold hit my shoulder. I remember being totally confused because I thought it was the middle of the night when it was, in fact, 6:30 a.m. Maverick was standing there talking and mashing something cold against my shoulder. I yelled at him and later had to apologize. I didn’t think about these events again until many hours later when it all came rushing back.

Yesterday was April 1. Maverick loves April Fool’s Day and somehow this year he got the idea of taking his brother’s underwear and putting it in the freezer. Except … Asher is two and doesn’t wear actual underwear yet. So Maverick, who I like to think inherited his moxie from me, made do with a Pull-Up diaper. 

I remember tucking him into bed last night and he was so excited, talking about how the Pull-Up was going to freeze and he was going to check on it (and I quote) “First thing in the morning!! If you see me in the freezer in the morning it’s because I’m checking on the Pull-Up, it’s going to be SO FUNNY MOMMY, Asher is going to put on a FROZEN PULL-UP!”

I am generally always in an exhausted state. His excitement over this or that is always met with a smile and a tired reply that does not match his level of emotion. So last night, I think I patted him and said good night and didn’t think about it again, even when said Pull-Up was put on my shoulder. He was trying to wake me up to tell me that it just got cold, it didn’t actually freeze, and he needed to do it again with one that was wet. He had a eureka moment where he realized that in order for something to freeze, it had to be wet. 

I am very proud of him for reaching that conclusion in spite of me, the mom, who was stumbling around yelling and asking WHAT IS ON MY SHOULDER?! because I didn’t remember the previous night’s conversation.

I feel sorry for children because what is important to them isn’t even on our radar screen a lot of the time. Good for them, for pressing on in spite of the dull adults in their lives. Good for Maverick and his moxie even though it drives me crazy sometimes, for pressing on with his April Fool’s endeavor.

The boy’s got spunk.

So anyway. When I picked him up from school, we talked about it. I told him how silly it was that it took me almost the entire day to sort out what had happened that morning, and I explained that I am just so tired at night that I sleep really hard and if I get startled awake it kind of scares me. Also, please don’t ever put anything wet or cold on me again when I’m in bed. 

He was very understanding and I was hoping I’d be able to somehow atone for what happened, so it pleased me when he asked if we could freeze some of his Daddy’s underwear tonight.

Me: Daddy’s underwear is probably a little big for the freezer, don’t you think?

Maverick: OH. Yeah, it is. Hmmm …

Me: What if we freeze a pair of yours instead?!

Maverick: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!


And just like that, I made a little boy’s day.


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