The Slacker Mom Table.

The PTA is hosting a “movie night” at the school with pizza, hot dogs, and a bake sale to raise money for a new playground. I got the flier in my son’s paperwork on Friday, which said to send wrapped baked goods with your child on Monday.

Which is today. And I forgot. Of course I did.

So this morning, I got him on the bus and then dressed the little kids and went to the grocery store for some of those bakery cookies with icing on them … you know the ones. I bought three huge containers of them and took them to the school. Two secretaries were sitting in the entryway when I walked in.

I explained that these cookies were for the bake sale, and then I said, “I’m sorry, I know they aren’t individually wrapped — is that a problem? I guess I’m a slacker mom.”

Secretary #1 said “That’s fine,” at the same time that Secretary #2 pointed to a table behind me and said “You can put them over there on the Slacker Mom table.”

I turned around and spotted a sad little table that was filled with sad little boxed bakery goods. There was no flair. No cellophane wrappers with ribbons tied around them. No little happies. Just plain, clinical-looking, clear boxes with plain cookies in them, and here I was about to add my flair-less stack of store-bought goods to the pile like the slacker mom that I was. Everything about it said “Slacker Mom.”

I pictured all the non-slackers who worked furiously the night before making tiny turkeys out of Little Debbie snack cakes, or whatever it is that they do (I wouldn’t know), and then I pictured the other moms like me who just grabbed whatever random cookies were sitting in the front of the grocery store, and I started laughing so hard that no sound came out.

Secretary #2 started to freak because I was just standing silently (shaking with laughter) with my back to her, staring at the table in front of me. She started apologizing profusely, saying “I’m just kidding! You’re not a slacker! We appreciate them so much! Thank you so much!!” I nodded and waved bye, and as the door shut behind me I heard her call out one more time, “WE APPRECIATE IT!”

I know they do. And I’m totally owning this title from now on. I am a Slacker Mom who shows her love simply by showing up, sipping a coffee, and sharing her enthusiasm.


Slacker Mom

9 thoughts on “The Slacker Mom Table.

  1. Hey!! At least you remembered!!! I’ve forgotten many a snack day and I just have the 1 kid. You are doing awesome and this blog is my favorite to read ever since Robbie told me about it a work a few years back.
    I try to be the “cool” mom since she’s a cheerleader and 13. It’s usually a “ok mom, you can go now” but I try!!! Also have tendencies to tell her stories from the 90’s when I was REALLY COOL. I’ll never be cool again. Lol


  2. LOL! I know I’ll be thinking of this story and feeling better in a few years when I’m totally the slacker mom at school. I’m already the slacker mom at daycare that doesn’t voluntarily bring in cute, holiday themed snacks for the kids.


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