This Post Is Not Politically Correct.

This is a post about how much I loathe those who are easily offended.

In recent years, I have watched the world around me grow increasingly politically correct. We are expected to alter our speech and behavior to avoid offending different groups of people.

We choose our words carefully, but even so, arguments rage on social media over seemingly innocuous comments or articles — which, I might add, I avoid unless I’m feeling particularly ragey.


I get the idea behind it. We want to be an inclusive, accepting society. We don’t want to make anyone feel left out or unwanted.

In moderation, or using what I like to call common sense, this seems like a logical, mannerly way to live and do business. I am a genuinely polite and caring person. I would never want to offend anyone on purpose unless they truly deserved it, but I am SO TIRED OF PEOPLE GETTING THEIR PANTIES IN A WAD.

In our effort to be “politically correct,” we have armed those who have absolutely no sense whatsoever with the entitlement to get offended by everything that they don’t understand or identify with.

Rather than, say, moving on and finding another website to peruse, or flipping to the next page in the newspaper, or (gasp!) changing the television channel, these people instead cry in outrage “This is OFFENSIVE!”

Then they stop whatever it is that they were doing before said offense took place to look up the contact information for the offending source, OR, my personal favorite — they make a comment on social media — to state just how offended they are. Then, I suppose they must anxiously await the transgressor’s apology.

It must be a very long wait.

I am very weary of people who are easily offended. They are the adult version of whiny toddlers, and I am full up on whining over here because I have a house full of actual children. However, because I’m not completely heartless, I made a short list of tips for people who are easily offended to follow — should they wish to no longer be offended by what they see and hear.

Harmony’s Tips For People Who Are Easily Offended And Wish To Avoid Being Offended:

  1. Stop internetting.
  2. Subscribe only to reading materials that you deem “safe.” Some suggestions: Encyclopedia Brittanica, Webster’s Dictionary, The Bible.
  3. Cease all communication with the outside world.

See? So easy!

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9 thoughts on “This Post Is Not Politically Correct.

  1. I’m offended by your use of the word “interneting.” That’s not a verb. That’s that webbing in men’s swim trunks that holds their balls close to their bods to prevent frostbite. All balls of the world await your apology. And a handshake.

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