Easter Sunday 2020

I’m copying this from my notes and saving it here for posterity.

Someone, we don’t know who, filled eggs with candy and put them all in our front yard. How fun! An Easter egg hunt!

It wasn’t until the kids dumped the eggs onto our living room floor that they discovered the ants.

Friends, this was when I made coffee and silently returned to the bedroom.

There are ants living in my house. Our living room rug appears to be moving because there are so many of them. This is fine.

Robbie vacuumed the ants out of the rug. Maybe.

Now my parents are in our front yard hiding eggs. Do we tell them about the ants? No, we do not. We let them have their fun because they have been stuck inside their house for weeks and they are bored.

I am not bored.


3 thoughts on “Easter Sunday 2020

  1. You are not alone! I don’t know how long you have been sober. Most important thing in my Life is it I keep contacting other people in sobriety. This being quarantined and staying inside accept the go out to the store is very rough. Just remember to pray can keep a contact up with other members and hopefully you will make it through this without alcohol


  2. Keep up the good work I’m about a year and a half sober and this Quarantine Stef’s got me baffled however I feel either I will die if I go back to it as it was very hard for me to stop drinking it in the beginning


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