I Totally Cried.

Wow. Just … wow.

This morning I was awakened at 4:55 by Asher, who said his legs were itchy. I rubbed lotion on and got him all tucked back in, I climbed back into bed … and decided to check Facebook.

This is when I learned that WE DID IT.


Not just you and I, but all the other “Scary Mommies” and not-so-scary mommies and businesses and kind-hearted people.

We did it. We made sure 2,152 deserving families will have food on their table on Thanksgiving Day.


That’s a lot.

Well done, you.


It’s a little disorienting when you think to yourself, hey, I think I’ll try to do this thing and see what happens, you know, just for fun. And then THAT THING TOTALLY HAPPENS.

You guys. I’m in this book. You can pre-order it and read all about it by clicking HERE! Go on, I’ll wait.


I am incredibly humbled, excited, totally freaking out and terrified … but mostly EXCITED, to be a part of this project. The other writers that I’m being lumped together with are incredibly talented. I know this because I have creeper-stalked every last one of them, and every time I become Facebook “friends” with another one I scream like my feet are on fire.

Today while I am frantically trying to keep up with the social media explosion that is happening, feeling pretty effing PROUD TO BE A PART OF IT, my children will be busy keeping me in check with reality. Just now, Asher showed me a booger on the end of his finger and asked what he should do with it. I told him I’m going to be published. He wiped the booger on my pants.

Reality is not glamorous. But being published is totally glamorous, so I think I’ll just sit here for a few more minutes and enjoy this moment while the baby pounds on my door.

(Be sure to visit Scary Mommy to see exactly why I am so excited! You can find my name in the list of authors … ! Tell your friends! #scarymommythanksgiving)