I do not wish to hear anything more from Charlie Sheen.


I admit, I had a mild fascination at the beginning of his (seemingly-endless) downward spiral. Now … I just want it to stop. SURELY at some point, he will get arrested or overdose or check into rehab and not come out, right?

Mostly I just feel sickened by the fact that this man managed to procreate twin boys who are now two years old and caught up in the midst of whatever the hell he has going on in his home. How did he even have viable sperm? That is something I’ve spent too much time pondering.

My heart hurts for children who have wacked out parents. I normally try not to judge people who I know nothing about, but I judge him.

And his ex-wife wives.

12 thoughts on “Ugh!

  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. That man is more disgusting than my kid's worse diaper blowout….So sad….only a SAHM would equate a dirty celebrity with a diaper. Sorry. Lost cause here wanting to adopt his children. And I don't even like children. Except my own. And yours.


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