This Is What Generosity Looks Like.

May I present … the diaper tower.

 I didn’t expect to have any kind of shower for TWO. After all … I just had a boy three years ago. But my co-workers ignored me (I told them nothing was needed) and threw me one anyway.

Let me tell you something about my work place. It’s crazy. Not really the fun kind … more like the OMG … this place is actually crazy, and I think it’s making me crazy kind.

But I love the people there, and I have made some very good friends.

I have a leaning tower of diapers because I work with a bunch of generous, thoughtful, people. We all share a not-fun job that stresses us out (some more than others) and I think that has bonded us. I understand the kind of effort it takes to plan and implement ANY kind of event, let alone buy a gift, while working the kind of job that we work.

Crazy people in a crazy place. That’s what we have going on.

We are naming our son Asher because it means happy and blessed. That is what we are. I am so grateful for all of the people in our life who make it what it is.

2 thoughts on “This Is What Generosity Looks Like.

  1. Hey Chica! I stumbled on this awesome blog and after reading through two of them, I discovered it was YOU! OMG and I'm just commenting randomly on this one, but I read almost all of them and I was seriously peeing in my pantaloons!! I may have discovered a bladder issue.
    And sincere congratulations on Hobbs². What wonderful news! XXOO


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