Disclaimer: here is yet another boring mommy post. I know … I know.

I found it. The answer to my problem. “Leggies” in combination with the swing. This product line called The Woombie has been a Godsend. I feel like I am going to break us just trying to get the colic under control.

I guess I’d rather be poor than crazy.

Yesterday, the mailman brought me the “leggies” I ordered in my latest purchase of desperation. They offer the benefit of being swaddled, but the legs are cut out so we can strap him into the swing, the car, etc. $26 was a small price to pay for hope. I HOPED IT WOULD WORK. And it did! This marks the first evening in recent history where there wasn’t constant crying.

The downside: TWO didn’t want to go to bed until midnight, apparently from napping so well in his new Hannibal Lecter outfit. Also, he doesn’t seem to enjoy the new hypoallergenic formula I put him on. Okay, I’ll be honest. He hates it. He EATS it, slowly, with a look of disgust on his face.

Well, I’m sorry TWO, but Mommy is losing her mind. So you’re going to have to get used to eating that shit that cost me an arm and a leg. 

And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

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