This Week.

If I am going to blog, does that mean I have to invest in a fancy camera? Because I definitely take all of my pictures with my cell phone. And I am fine with that … until I go to other blogs and see all the pretty pictures there. 

That prompts feelings of inadequacy that I do not enjoy. But I don’t have the money to spend on a fancy camera. And if Husband secretly saved up a stash of money (this likely will never happen) to buy me something with, I would NOT want a camera. I’d want clothes and undergarments that actually fit me correctly, because let me tell you, that is something I do not have.

This week, the following took place: I took TWO to the chiropractor. I had a horrible fight with Husband and I called him a sucklord. Not to his face. 

I cooked dinner for the first time in months. I think I expected everyone to be more excited than they were. Then I realized that must be why people always say that motherhood is a thankless job. Because this week, I have also managed to stay on top of the laundry and put it all away by myself — all whilst balancing colic and three-year-old brattyness and general havoc. No one said thank you for that either. So I thanked myself.

No, there isn’t whiskey in my coffee cup. 

But if there was … would that be so wrong?

Also, I find myself wondering if I will look back on these chronicles of TWO’s early life and wonder why I thought it was appropriate to post pictures of myself on the internet, looking a hot mess. I likely won’t remember doing it. 

I have a feeling that I won’t remember this phase of my life at ALL.  It will just be a blur. Well … except for this blog. 

Which is proof of what really went down.

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