It’s finally happening.

ONE and TWO are playing together. I mean, sort of. Like I can’t leave the room, but I can sit at the dining room table and watch them. And so far no blood has been shed.

I knew if I could just hang in there long enough, this day would come. 

Right after I started writing this, the next door neighbor came over. I told ONE to put on some pants. He proceeded to throw an epic fit, so my tranquility was short-lived. In an attempt to be helpful, my neighbor said, “At least God didn’t give you two children like that one.”

No ma’am, He did not.

I think when you’re in over your head doing something that you know in your gut is worthwhile, all you need are little glimmers to keep you going. No, wait. That’s a lie. You need glimmers, you need humor, and you need God. Otherwise you’re going to sink like a big, fat, miserable rock.

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