Thank Goodness For …

… things that make me happy. Because without them, I would be one miserable bitch.

A yucky bug has been loitering in my household and nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is easy when the snot of four people is involved. Check, please!

Today I visited my gynecologist for a checkup. I’m 14.5 weeks pregnant with my third child so I don’t know why I expect something miraculous to happen this time around, and, I don’t know … maybe not gain an absolutely insane amount of weight!?

Note to self: don’t wear these next time I have to get on a scale.

I tried to look really nice because I don’t get out much. I put a lot of thought and effort into my “I might be having my third baby, but I can still work it” look. But. I made a grave miscalculation and wore the heaviest pair of shoes I own. I made a late afternoon appointment. I DECIDED TO HAVE A BABY. These factors were all working against me today … aaaaand, I’ve gained a whole lot of weight. Like a pound for every week of pregnancy. 

I kind of freaked out in front of my doctor and she laughed. She patted me. She said it’s fine. She offered to re-weigh me and waited while I removed my boots which turned out to weigh two pounds. So I’m two pounds less fat than I thought, which is still … fat.

Anyway, thank goodness for things that make me happy. I have some absolutely amazing friends who send happy little things in the mail and I don‘t think they even know how much those little things mean. They are proof that I’m more than just a mommy. I’m still myself. 

Here are the things that made me happy today:

My friend Amy made this amazing gift for Husband and I. It’s in this cool red frame and for now it’s sitting right above our computer. I cried when I opened it … because as you know, our hearts ARE in Baton Rouge.

Also, my friend Anca mailed me this fantastic necklace she found on Etsy and I literally want to wear it every day. And the orange purse is something I found when shopping with my friend Jamie a few weeks ago. It‘s loud and orange and holds a ton of stuff.

Apparently, I do everything in a BIG WAY … including pregnancy weight gain. I try to eat healthfully, I stay active running after ONE and TWO, and I’m certainly not going to deny myself chocolate. So if I have to be a fattie fatterton, I’ll be a fattie fatterton. I’m going to wear my fabulous necklace and carry my fabulous purse and stomp around in those fabulous boots as long as I can pull them on over my fattie fatterton legs, and at the end of it all I’ll have a healthy baby, lose the weight, and move on with my life.

Meanwhile, I reserve the right to complain about it. 

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