Big Boys.

Oh man.

The time is coming, and coming quickly, when we will put both of our boys into one shared room and hope that we don’t spend the remainder of this year and possibly next in a constant state of sleep deprivation. 

Husband and I are nervous. A 4.5-year-old and a 1.5-year-old in a room togetherwill they do well? Will it be a disaster? Will they sleep? Will they bloody each other and themselves when they should be sleeping? Will bedtime become a total and complete nightmare for me, especially doing this alone because Husband doesn’t come home until well after they are in bed?

I used to be excited about this, but now it makes my stomach kind of hurt. It’s anxiety. This weekend my parents generously purchased the sturdiest bunk beds we could find, along with a large chest of drawers, and I am slowly formulating The Plan. Of course my mind is focused on the decorating of this room, because that is fun and distracts me from the reality of what might actually happen once The Plan is implemented … but here is the fun stuff:

We won’t stack these into bunk beds until they are much older … I’m not ready for a trip to the E.R. just yet. They will be two identical twin-sized beds for now.

The chest is very tall and should hold all of their clothes really well.
I found this “mix and match” bedding at Target – it’s available online only – and it’s perfect. Affordable AND fun.

I was thinking of doing a little solar-system/space theme in their room so the stars work really well. Also, the colors go with all of the stuff they already have. Score!

The furniture is waiting in the warehouse for me to get it together and arrange for delivery. I told them 6 weeks, which would put this transition happening around the end of March. 

Dun, dun dun …


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