The Boutique.

All of the sudden I’ve realized through a series of events that I am completely out of style, out of touch, and wearing today’s version of the “mom jean.” I can’t even explain to you how much this has thrown me off my game.

I mistakenly assumed that by avoiding the style of high-waisted mom jeans with bad pocket placement that I picture in my head when I hear the phrase “mom jean,” that I was doing all right. That is not correct. I AM ACTUALLY A WALKING POSTER CHILD FOR THE MOM JEAN. I know this because I brought a stack of high-quality, too-large denim to several consignment places in town and no one would buy them from me. They all kindly said, “These labels are very old and out of style.

But they’re nice jeans,” I said. “The only reason I’m not keeping them is that they’re too big.


And then I knew. The pants that were in style 8 years ago? The ones I’ve worked so hard to fit back into? No one wears those anymore … except for out-of-touch moms like me. You see, I used to have a job. I used to buy nice clothes. Then I got pregnant and worked really hard to fit back into all of those nice clothes, which were by that point two years out of style. I then repeated that pattern two more times, and BOOM. I now have a closet full of outdated crap that I want to keep wearing because it is still in decent shape and it cost a lot of money ages ago when I bought it.

I now accept that it’s time to let go.

Yesterday my amazing mother-in-law came over to hang out with the kids so I could go do something fun. I went to this cute little store near my house that I’ve never been in before. I walked in and for the first time in my life I felt overwhelmed in a clothing store. Nothing was familiar — when did fringe become popular?! Is this a dress or a shirt?! The sweet sales girl could see it written all over my face: I needed help. I babbled on about how I am just now, right here in this store, having an identity crisis because I’m suddenly almost 35 years old and a mother of 3 and I have no idea what size I am or what even looks good on me anymore. And when she asked if I’d like for her to help me put together outfits to try on “just for fun,” I said YES! a little too loudly.


I didn’t buy anything (yet), and I don’t love the outfit pictured above, but I took a picture of it as proof that I finally decided to embrace the skinny jean. They come in every color! I now know what size I wear! I tried on leggings and tunics, long sweaters and maxi dresses, and lots and lots of interesting shirts. I loved it all. Each time I put on an outfit I emerged from the dressing room so the sales people could see, because I truly needed professionals to tell me if I was wearing something the correct way. This was also a first. But I am so grateful that they HELPED ME!

Here’s what I learned: today’s style is really perfect for moms. Everything is layered, easy, and loose, the pants are stretchy just like yoga pants. It’s time to step out of my American Eagle time warp and into real womanhood, where people shop at boutiques. I feel like I’ve been living in a blur of gestation and diapers, but now it’s time to move past that stage and into the next one … fashionably.


7 thoughts on “The Boutique.

  1. Skinny jeans (jeggings, really) and long, loose tunics and blouses, with tall boots is my UNIFORM all winter long. Makes it SO easy to get dressed. And you’re right…very forgiving. But I sure don’t shop at any boutiques these days. You can find things like that at Old Navy, Target, Forever 21, etc. Go for the premium denim and cheap tops to change up the look!


    • This boutique is actually called “The Boutique” and everything was surprisingly affordable. I haven’t set foot in Forever 21 in … well, forever. Am I allowed in there?! I’ll check it out. I have a renewed hope that I can get it together!


  2. OMG – you have described me and my ‘fashion’. And now I’m having an identity crisis! I need this boutique in my city because they sound awesome!


  3. Love this! And that outfit looks great on you! I totally know that feeling of realizing you are so out of touch when it comes to fashion. The last couple of years I too feel so overwhelmed when I go clothes shopping! Good luck in finding your new fashion style!


  4. Here I was thinking t-shirt, tennis shoes and a pair of jeans was looking good for the day… Need to regroup and go shopping asap! My large behind can’t pull off the skinny jean look though, I envy you!


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